Tailored English Learning for Aspiring Saudis

Whether for professional growth, educational advancement, or personal development, learning English will position you to advance.

Executive English Mastery: Elevate Your Professional Edge

The Diploma in Executive English provides learners with a foundational proficiency in the English language tailored specifically for executive and professional contexts to communicate in speaking, writing, listening, and reading.

What Will
you learn?

Audible Communication in English

Enhance proficiency in spoken English, focusing on pronunciation, intonation, and effective verbal communication skills in various contexts.

Reading Comprehension

Develop the ability to understand and interpret written texts effectively while improving skills such as critical analysis, inference, and synthesis of information.

Verbal Communication

Gain the skills and strategies necessary for clear, articulate, and persuasive spoken communication, boosting professional and personal conversations.

Workplace Correspondence

Enhance the skills of written communication, focusing on the creation of clear, concise, and professional business documents for effective workplace communication.